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Better Healthware is your destination for everything Healthcare Information Technology. We teach critical technical, healthcare, and business skills that are needed to succeed in today’s Healthcare IT industry, which is ever-changing.

Better Healthware publishes relevant articles, books, and will connect you with the right Mirth professional for your integration needs. However, we are always looking for new ways to serve our customers. Our content always seeks to relate technical concepts with clinical application. This is exemplified in the realistic examples that are provided in our technical education.

Healthcare Information Technology is constantly changing, and Healthcare IT professionals need the latest information to apply in their everyday work. Software Developers, Integration Engineers, Data Governance Professionals, CIOs alike turn to Better Healthware for their Healthcare IT needs. Regardless of your role, Better Healthware has something for you to grow and learn complementary skills. This is extremely important as Healthcare professionals take on new roles as new problems to solve arise.

Healthcare and Technology produce some of the world’s most interesting problems, and Better Healthware is committed to doing its part by equipping professionals with the practical information they need to succeed in the workplace. This is our purpose and it drives us to continue to raise our standard for the content we produce.

Better Healthware is always evaluating partnerships that could potentially bring more value to our customers. This involve a specific software solution, hardware, contracting services, or continuing education. Better Healthware will only connect our customers with partners that genuinely have the ability to bring value to Better Healthware visitors and the Healthcare IT industry at large.

Our vision is to be the number one website for Healthcare Information Technology education and related services in the world. Better Healthware can achieve this through the loyal support of our customers and the countless contributors to the industry who work every day.

Better Healthware is your preferred ally in the journey of continual improvement toward better patient care through Information Technology.