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How to Quickly Configure the Data Pruner in Mirth Connect

1. Open Mirth Connect Administrator Launcher and click Launch on your desired environment.

2.  Login to Mirth Connect Administrator.

3. Click on Settings on the left-hand side.

4. Click on the Data Pruner tab.

5. Enable the Schedule by selecting the Yes radio button option.

6. Choose your Schedule Type.

The Interval option runs the Data Pruner at the interval you set, which occurs in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, or hours. The Time option runs the Data Pruner at a set time on a schedule. Additionally, the Cron option lets you write an expression to describe the frequency at which the Data Pruner should run. Cron is infrequently used unless you are an avid Linux user. Often, Engineers and Developers will set the Data Pruner to run every hour (see below).

Another common option is to run the Data Pruner every day at midnight (see below).

Note that if you click the Settings icon near the Schedule then you can set the details of the schedule for the Time Schedule Type.

7. Keep the Prune Settings as the default configuration.

8. The Archive Settings allow you to save off messages when data is being pruned.

If you need to archive message data to files before the data is purged you must enable and configure the Archive Settings. Use the Content drop-down to select which form of the message you want to archive off.

Additionally, you can optionally choose to encrypt your archived messages, include attachments, or compress the data. The root path will be the directory where the files are written. This will often be a shared folder on the network of your organization.

Finally, you will give a file pattern for the names of the archive files. Most likely you will use some pre-defined string of text concatenated with one of the variable choices on the right-hand side. Feel free to drag and drop as you please.

At this point the Data Pruner should be running on your Mirth Connect instance. Feel free to check back in Settings at any time to see information regarding the Data Pruner’s last run.


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